Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Caecila Project

Andrew Hinkley of the Caecilia Project has taken upon himself the task of transcribing the entire Graduale Romanum in GABC code, for use with the virtually industry standard Gregorio Gregorian chant engraving platform.

He has been working on this project for several years now and has begun posting sample engravings from his code in both the style of the 1908 Graduale (no rhythmic signs) and in the manner of the 1961 Graduale (with episemas).  His plan is to post engravings of all five Gregorian propers each week as we proceed through the new liturgical year. Please be sure to bookmark this site, and follow his progress.

Andrew has done all of this work for no payment, and is asking no payment in return for his work. He has undertaken this magnanimous task only for love of the Church and the sacred liturgy.

You can help him by proof-reading these engravings and reporting errors in the comment box at the Caecilia Project blog. If enough eyes pass over these engravings there is great hope that the entire Graduale, accurately engraved, could be available to the world freely in source code that can be processed in endless ways, for use in endless applications. Imagine the possibilities for us and for future generations of Catholics!

I personally would like to see him post the source code each week in addition to the one-off PDFs. You might enjoy playing around with it at Richard Chonak's online GABC processing tool where you can experiment with different fonts, sizing options, and so on.

Thank you, Andrew, for this wonderful work. Future generations of Catholics will thank you!
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