gregoire chant notation

I have worked with Meinrad fonts for years. I can manipulate them pretty well. Still, I find it a bit tiresome that what you see on the page is not exactly what prints, so there is constant refining to get the notes to line up properly with the text. (If anyone has a “cure” for this, I would love to hear it.)
In any case, I thought I might do a little searching to see if something better has been developed. I had heard of Gregoire, but never used it, so…. There seems to be nothing (please correct me if I am wrong), but Gregoire. I downloaded it, and it seems to be really buggy. I am guessing that there are idiosyncracies with French PCs.
Before giving up completely, I googled, “problems with Gregoire” to see what kind of advice I might find. Imagine my surprise when 10 pages of complaints about WA governor Christine Gregoire appeared.
Still using Meinrad fonts.