Regna Semper, by Michael Praetorius

This edition of Regna Semper by Michael Praetorius was sent this morning. It looks very interesting. I would be interested in a translation or discussion of the hymn’s historical use.

Update from Chris Ruckdeschel:

1. Reign always glorious Heart, through the ages of the ages, over earth and over heaven.

Refrain- O Sacred Heart, be our King!
Always may we follow your commandment!
To you only may we give our heart.

2. Reign always in our homes, watch always, stand in them, make us to stand in firm faith.
3. And for people with weak faith, a leader, a king, it is necessary to be. Jesus, You are that great King.
4. Once in the city you, having gone back over, baptized the king “Clovis”. You ought to command your sons.
5. O my Jesus, our sins, our faults, destroy them. Preserve our pure souls.