Liturgical Catch Words and Phrases To Be Scrapped

At the MusicaSacra Forum, a thread is compiling words and phrases that really must go.

Here are some samples

  • Gathering Song
  • Sending-fourth song
  • Table (in reference to the Altar)
  • Presider
  • Opening Prayer
  • Closing Prayer
  • Presentation song
  • Gathering space
  • Proclaimer
  • Travelling Cross
  • “our story”
  • “our journey”
  • worship space
  • Arena of worship
  • We are church
  • Bread and cup
  • Faith community
  • “Good morning and welcome. In the Name of the Father….”
  • “Mass is ended go in peace, and ‘have a nice day’!”
  • “And also with you, Father.”
  • “In these or similar words…”
  • “Worship committee.”