Rejoice and Be Glad, for yours….

Why rejoice and be glad? How about the fact I intend this to be my shortest blogpost ever (not counting URL links.)
I printed out some of Aristotle Esquerra’s propers for sight reading this last Wednesday.
And, forgive me if I take up my pompoms or get giddy like JT, but has there ever been a greater era for genuine sacred and liturgical musical composition since that of classical polyphony?
Don’t know much about your geography, but we are like dervishes whirling through all sorts of Rice, the various voices of Ostrowski, the unique and intuitively compelling homophonic chants of Esquerra and Nickel et al on the liturgical side (not having yet found room and time for Martin and Bancks!); and LaRocca, Morber, Allen, Quick and Koerber et al on the sacred side.
And with a few exceptions….it’s all FWEEEEEEEEE!!!
Alleluia and soli Deo gloria. T-t-t-t-hat’s all folks.