Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A very impressive Liber Brevior

Do you know the company Preserving Christian Publications? It's been around a few years, but I've only now seen one of this company's books. It is might impressive: price, quality, dignity, everything. The book I'm holding is the Liber Brevior, a book for the EF Mass for Sundays and feasts. It is far more handy than the Liber Usualis. It's just perfect for a parish that needs to buy several dozen. The printing is clear. The materials are excellent. The paper thickness is just right. It is a highly professional product, as good and actually better than anything I've seen. This is the real deal. It is a remarkable value at $34.

And with Holy Week coming up, you can also get the book of Holy Week chants for the EF, in an edition that is much better than one I put up for print-on-demand a few years back. Don't buy mine. Get this one instead.

This is certainly a company worth supporting in every way. If I hadn't lost my favorite hat the last time I was at the theater, I would certainly tip it to Preserving Christian Publications. If these two books are representative, I think you can pretty well trust anything you buy from these nice people.

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