Thursday, March 8, 2012

Again, why do you not like the extraordinary form?

Peter Schineller, S.J. offers a detailed report on a Tridentine Mass he attended. I found nothing particularly objectionable about anything he reports. Then he strangely concludes:

In my mind I could not but think back to the Second Vatican Council, and all that the Council and subsequent documents tried to bring about – active participation, emphasis on the important things, vernacular, elimination of accretions and repetitions, etc. It was sad and disheartening. What happened? Why would the Catholic faithful seek out and attend this older form of the Mass? Is the Tridentine Mass an aberration? What does it say about the reforms of Vatican II?

After the Mass, I was tempted to talk with some of those present. But I decided not to as I feared I would have been negative and perhaps controversial. My feelings were still very raw. One thing I know: I myself will never freely choose to celebrate the Tridentine Mass.

I don't really know what to make of this or what to say in response. It's not really an argument and it is vague enough so there is no real response. But "raw feelings?" That just seems over the top.

As for talking to people, he might have just walked up to anyone and said, "hello, my name is Father Schineller, and I'm intrigued that you attend this Mass. What draws you to it?"

There would be nothing "controversial" about that.
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