Monday, March 5, 2012

Buying the Musical Shape

If I had any strategic sense, I would have planned the release of Musical Shape of the Liturgy and tried to organize a big one-day buy so that Amazon rankings would soar and we could put this book on the map.

Yes, this is gaming the system in a way but it works.

Fail on my part. But maybe not. If you are thinking of getting this book anytime in the next month, can you please do it today? That way we can see the sales rank move up dramatically and get more attention than we otherwise would if sales are spread out over weeks or months.

Can you help us make this happen? It makes a big difference to buy now as versus later. Also, it is a good time to buy some extra copies for all your priest and musician friends. The price is ridiculously low for a 460-page hardback. If this had been published by an old-line academic house -- and it could have been -- it would be $150 or more.

Thank you to all donors who make this great price possible!
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