Friday, April 6, 2012

Celebrate Easter; come to the Colloquium

Ok, today is Good Friday, and it sounds like I am jumping the gun a bit. All of us are busy with liturgies and preparations, both externally and internally, for the great season ahead. The world is waking to new hope, sunshine and bird songs. June will be here before we know it. Preparations for this year's Sacred Music Colloquium in Salt Lake City, Utah, are in full gear. All course descriptions will be posted in the next few days, as well as a sneak previews of a thrilling repertoire and more.

And to help you celebrate Easter and prepare for the great events of the summer, we will be offering a free copy of Dr. William Mahrt's book, The Musical Shape of the Liturgy with all new and paid registrations that come in this week; starting on Sunday, April 8, at 12:00am and ending on Sunday, April 15, at 11:59pm.

A joyous Easter to all.
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