Liturgical Planning Help Par Excellence

If you are like me, you’ll often head over and use the many planning resources Cantica Nova Publications. Perhaps you need to look into the rubrics for the day; would like to know what the readings are going to be, or are looking for some motet or organ repertoire ideas. Gary Penkala has been keeping us updated for years. But now he’s undertaken a massive (and long-term) project to update all of the Liturgical Planning Pages:

1. Official liturgical texts and musical options for them always come first (ahead of hymn suggestions)

2. All the texts are from the new translation of the Roman Missal

3. The three orations are pointed, for use with the Solemn Tone of the Missal.

4. Musical suggestions will now include citations for: a. Propers from Simple English Propers [Bartlett] b. Propers from Simple Choral Gradual [Rice] c. Hymn from Introit Hymns for the Church Year [Tietze] d. Communion from Communio [Rice] e. Communion from Choral Communio [Rice]

5. A URL will be provided for Responsorial Psalms in: a. Chabanel Psalmody b. Oost-Zinner Psalmody

These updates are happening gradually, so the elements will not all appear immediately.
What a resource! Thanks, Gary.