Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Reform of the Roman Rite

Msgr. Andrew Wadsworth, Executive Director of ICEL, spoke at the Colloquium this evening about the Holy Father's vision of the liturgy, formed over the course of a long life of study. He spoke about the problems of implementing this vision, even in Masses celebrated abroad by the Holy Father or by his delegate, such as the concluding Mass of the recent Eucharistic Congress in Ireland.

This is the vision of the dogmatic consituttion Sacrosanctam Concilium of the Second Vatican Council, a document which Msgr. aptly noted is much more likely to find expression nowadays by celebrations of the Extraordinary Form than of the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite.

The talk was encouraging, but perhaps a little sad. One thinks about the many people who have never had an opportunity to experience beauty in the liturgy, to be caught up in it, and to taste the heavenly gift in a worthy context.

Tomorrow Msgr. Wadsworth will speak in the morning breakouts about aspects of English translation, sure to include reflection upon the (brilliantly implemented) recent translation of the Missale Romanum. Fewer topics are more compelling these days, and no one is better qualified to speak on the subject. Having once heard him speak, everyone will want to go to Msgr. Wadsworth's breakout session tomorrow and no one will come to mine. Rather a relief, really, as frankly I'd like to attend his talk as well.

(Photo gratefully appropriated from Fr. Jeffrey Keyes.)

Update: As Jeffrey T notes above, the audio is available here.
Update 2: Fulltext here.
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