Saturday, June 30, 2012

"The Son of Man"

Some folks have asked to use the hymn we sang at the end of Mass on Friday, The Son of Man. It's under copyright, but that is a fairly easy fix for anyone who might be interested. CanticaNOVA makes a collection of nearly 30 of my texts available for a small charge, and full rights to copy and set the hymns for any given school or congregation are included.

Here is another text that might give a sense of the general tone of my hymn writing.

I was delighted that The Son of Man was set to Newman, the tune associated with Cardinal Newman's Praise to the Holiest in the Height, particularly during this year's Colloquium, when the CMAA formed such a strong bond with the Blessed Cardinal's own Birmingham Oratory. I was so pleased that we sang it on the most ecclesial of feasts, at a Mass celebrated with particular dignity and beauty by Msgr. Andrew Wadsworth, who has responsibilities in the Universal Church. It was very beautifully sung, and so thoughtfully played by the Colloquium's organist Jonathan Ryan.

The feedback I've heard about last night's hymn suggests that Catholics are ready for hymns with a good sense of poetry but perhaps an even better sense of Catholic theology. I'd like to help fill that need and would be grateful for suggestions.
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