Boldly going where others should have gone before…

I’ve received a ton of interest in my latest endeavor, the Words With Wings Workshop. The idea is that someone from the outside comes in and trains faith formation teachers to use this fabulous new resource for teaching chant. The liturgical life of the parish and the education program are united once again. At long last. And what a boon this will be for music directors in future…they will have a pool of children (and teachers and parents who’ve caught the bug) to draw from. But here is one pastor’s interesting response:

Ummm. It is actually my classroom teachers and my DRE that have refused to do this. It is my music director and myself who been trying to get this in school. If I depended upon my classroom teachers and DRE we would be pelagian and Gnostic.

I replied, boldly:

You’re awfully pessimistic! What CCD teachers need is training and confidence. It is very simple. Pastors can help them get the training they need. For the benefit of all. Better yet, pastors are in the position to demand this. If it is not happening, they’re failing their flocks. Liturgical and music education belongs to all. Not just a select few.

I’d be interested in your thoughts.