Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Integral...or Incongruity?

The "competition" and market
Over at the Musica Sacra Forum folks (including m'self) have had themselves quite a time debating the pros/cons of a start up Publishing House envisioned to eventually rival "THE BIG THREE" primarily in terms of market presence and as a clear catalogue alternative to the status quo and/or perceived monopoly ensconsed in the consumer Catholic culture.
Our blogging colleague Jerry Galipeau of World Library Publications has always honestly and enthusiastically kept his readership informed of some of the inner workings of one of those BIG THREE houses at his blogsite, GOTTA SING, GOTTA PRAY

. So, his first post from the first day of the NPM national convention in Pittsburgh was up this afternoon. I'm going to simply quote an excerpt from his post along with two photos he included. Then I have a few questions for us to ponder.

This afternoon's opening plenum address was quite moving. Fr. Ron Raab, the keynoter, gave a presentation on the call to holiness, marking the 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council. He begged us Church musicians never to allow the liturgy to be separated from real life; our own real lives and the lives of those around us. (My emphasis)

The Opening Plenum, NPM 2012
* What do you think Fr. Raab meant by exhorting "us" to "never allow the liturgy to separated from real life..."?

 * How would you go about planning a CMAA presence/booth, or that of an allied/affiliated entity such as Corpus Christi Watershed or a such as startup competitor to the Three Initial Houses in the midst of the shown model of modern resource marketing?

* And, as an adjunct, how do these convention venues comment upon the concepts of "resources....liturgy.....and real life?"
Even if this main convention hall was packed SRO, what sorts of statements about ecclesiology, missio, personal investiture and postures, signs, symbols and sacraments and so forth are implicitly or explicitly being advanced and shared?
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