Truth Telling

Yesterday I wrote a post lauding the efforts of those putting new resources into action.  One of the comments in response to my post read:

I think it would be good time, right now, to take a survey of how many parishes are using the Vatican II Hymnal, the Lumen Christi Missal, &c. &c., and how these parishes are improving their musical worship through these New Resources.

So, let the reporting begin.  Is your parish using new resources?  Which ones?  How are they changing the way you do things?  Who pushed for the change?  Who resisted the change? How are things progressing?  What are the unexpected challenges?  Unforseen benefits?

One Reply to “Truth Telling”

  1. Our parish has made no effort to change to the above mentioned music resources. Still using OCP and probably will till the second coming. Neither bishop nor priest show any inclination otherwise.

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