Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Presenting: The Parish Book of Psalms

I'm very pleased to announce that the Parish Book of Psalms, by Arlene Oost-Zinner, is ready for shipping.

Order this book here.
It is a 450-page hardback of the highest quality, and the price is $18. It sets the full three-year cycle for Sundays and feasts.

This books addresses a huge need for a beautiful and singable Psalm between the readings at Mass, one that keeps with the Gregorian tradition but maintains the Responsorial model. We've used these at our parish for three years, and I can testify to their suitability every week.

The antiphon is carefully structured to ennoble the text. It is not difficult to sing. The congregation responds beautifully. And the verses are all notated so that you do not need to do your own pointing. In so many ways, this book grows out of real-world parish experience. It works for cantor alone or choir, with no need for accompaniment.

I'll be posting youtubes of each Psalm on this site each week.

MusicaSacra has a page dedicated to this book at MusicaSacra.com/pbp

The Parish Book of Psalms

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