PrayTell reviews V2 Hymnal

An extremely kind and favorable view here .

At 750 pages long, V2H’s pew edition contains the complete readings for all Sundays and major feasts, more than a hundred pages of Mass settings, the complete texts in Latin and English for the Ordinary and Extraordinary Forms of the Mass, more than a hundred pages of Eucharistic hymns, the so-called Chabanel Responsorial Psalms, the Garnier Alleluias, and the texts of some motets. It claims to be the first hymnal ever printed to contain the complete texts for the sung propers. CCWatershed currently makes available more than 6,000 free PDF scores, 1,000 free MP3s, and over 800 videos. Rarely has a publisher done so much to promote the sale and dissemination of a hymnal.

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