A Coordinated Diocesan Program for the Musical Training of Children

According to the Second Vatican Council,

Great importance is to be attached to the teaching and practice of music in seminaries, in the novitiates and houses of study of religious of both sexes, and also in other Catholic institutions and schools. To impart this instruction, teachers are to be carefully trained and put in charge of the teaching of sacred music.

It is desirable also to found higher institutes of sacred music whenever this can be done.

Composers and singers, especially boys, must also be given a genuine liturgical training. (SC 115)

The Diocese of Leeds has developed a coordinated diocesan effort for the musical training of children, involving “thirty-nine primary schools, four secondary schools and three parishes, with five auditioned boys choirs, four auditioned girls choirs.”

The centralized program is supported by a modest contribution from each of the subscribing schools, and through partnerships and support with the Cathedral and the greater musical community.

This is where it all begins, at an inner-city school:

H/t Joannes Petrus. More information at the Diocese of Leeds Music Department.