Hymn Tune Introits at Daily Mass

If your parish is looking for a simple, free way to do a little something special this Advent at daily Mass, consider simply copying off this Advent Calendar of Hymn Tune Introits and leaving them in a central location.

Folks can pick them up on their way into Mass, and at the beginning of Mass, instead of reciting the Entrance Antiphon, just sing the appropriate Antiphon for the day.

You could use the same tune for each day of Advent. I’d recommend Creator of the Stars of Night, but you could use a lot of different tunes, such as Old Hundredth (the tune for All People that on Earth Do Dwell). There are lots of choices, and every parish knows some of them.

Extra credit for using purple paper in honor of the season, but a lovely white or cream shade would be perfectly respectable. The point is to sing the introit in the easiest, most familiar way possible. Almost exactly like a hymn, except it is the proper text offered by the Church (slightly adjusted, so it rhymes).

This is tomorrow’s Hymn Tune Introit, in honor of St. Francis Xavier. Try singing it to the tune for Jesus Shall Reign Where E’er the Sun.

Forever I will praise You, Lord.
To nations I will tell your fame,
And to my family and kin
Will tell the glory of your name.

Did I mention that this is simple, and free?