The Final Rehearsal

This short video of pre-Mass rehearsals at the Winter Chant Intensive includes many shots of St. Joseph’s stunning interior, including the many stained-glass windows which illuminate the entire space. The women’s schola was led by yours truly, and the men’s schola was conducted by Richard Rice.

This video was shot on Friday morning…just an hour before the final Mass, and after a grueling but rewarding week of study and practice. The focus it requires to sing chant shows on the faces of all of the singers. I think the camaraderie that developed among participants and between participants and the instructors is evident as well. Toward the end of the video you hear Fr. Jonathan Venner of Sioux Fall, South Dakota, singing through the lesson, beautifully and prayerfully, for a final time before the Mass.

The upcoming Summer Chant Intensive is scheduled for June 3-7, 2013, at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. Details will be posted shortly at