Another Papal Hymn

Some of our readers have probably been tasked with programming hymns for the Feast of the Chair of Peter this coming Friday, or for another celebration honoring Pope Benedict or praying for guidance for the upcoming conclave. Since this text came to my mind, I thought I would offer it, in case it’s more useful than, say, Pescador de Hombres.

Verse 3 focuses on a relatively neglected scripture reference for the Petrine ministry. We all know “Tu es Petrus,” but this other expression, the mission of “confirming the brethren,” is also very important. Peter is responsible for strengthening the faith of his brother bishops.

Verse 4 paraphrases a Gospel dialogue between Jesus and Peter, quite relevant to the willing sacrifices made by Pope Benedict.

Please feel free to use this during the coming weeks. I would recommend the tune Iste Confessor.

Saint Peter lives! The gatekeeper of heaven,
Once young and free, once bound for crucifixion,
Now crowned in splendor, prince among the elders.
Pray for your people.

Saint Peter lives! The binding and the loosing,
Bridging the earth unto the highest heavens,
Servant of servants, bishop of that city
Where Peter witnessed.

 Hell shall not win. The Church will stand forever.
“Peter, I prayed that your faith will not fail you.
And when the time comes, and you have converted,
Strengthen your brethren.”

All those who give up fam’ly or possessions,
They shall inherit, in that endless Kingdom,
And in the present, many times the blessings
With persecution.

Praise to the Father who sent us Christ Jesus.
Praise to the Son, who came as the Messiah.
Praise to the Spirit, Guardian of the teaching,
Trinity blessed.