Thursday, February 28, 2013

Benedict XVI settled the pro multis question

Msgr. Andrew Wadsworth provides an interview to Vatican Radio on the significance of the Benedict XVI pontificate, in which he reveals the following:

“The Motu Propiro really is a very important moment in which the Holy Father puts two forms of the Roman Rite which potentially have been at loggerheads which each other since the Second Vatican Council in a creative dynamic relationship with each other. The Holy Father really is reminding us that the light of tradition should fall on all of our liturgical experience”.

“In relation to the New English Translation of the Missal…it was the Holy Father who judged on the whole question of pro multis for many, chalice rather than cup, those are his particular judgements and his prerogative as the Pope. He showed a great interest in the process as it was unfolding …over ten years in the making”.

Read the entire article and listen to the interview at the bottom.

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