English Propers: Easter Vigil

Cantor/Choir scores for use with the Lumen Christi Missal have been posted for the Easter Vigil:

This score contains the following in simple English chant settings, according to the Roman Missal, Third Edition:
  • The Lumen Christi chant in English and Latin
  • The responses contained in the Exsultet
  • All Responsorial Psalms for the Liturgy of the Word
  • The Solemn “triple” Alleluia with sung verses from the Roman Missal
  • The acclamation in the Baptismal liturgy, and English and Latin chants for the Sprinkling Rite
  • Offertory and Communion antiphons with pointed Psalm verses
This edition also provides the most essential rubrics, taken from the Roman Missal, that pertain to liturgical musicians. Anyone who has sung for an Easter Vigil knows how difficult it can be to navigate. The beauty of the Roman Rite is that there is a road map, ready made. Our job is to follow that map and simply sing the texts of the Mass itself. 
I wish your parishes may blessings in your celebration of the most holy Sacred Paschal Triduum.