Fight Mode

In a recent post on the Cafe, Richard Clark is quoted:

With the excitement of the Conclave over, many musicians are understandably expressing a great deal of anxiety regarding the unknowns about Pope Francis. Perhaps this anxiety says more about us that is does about the pope. But still, we are human and the apprehension is natural

Richard has touched on an important truth. As in most instances in life, the anxiety surrounding an eventuality is usually worse than the actual thing. All that the back and forth on this forum and elsewhere has illustrated is that musicians on all sides of the fence have been in fight mode for a long time. They are ready to jump on the defensive or offensive with each small turn of events. The truth is we really have no idea of what is to come.

My own reaction to the happenings of the last weeks has been more of a nonreaction than anything else. There is certainly greater wisdom at work in the election of Pope Francis than any of us know. The Church does have other problems to attend to aside from the liturgical one.

I am not self satisfied in saying this, nor am I naive. But for some reason I am just calm. My strategy, if I needed to spell one out, is to remain focused on what I am doing. And I want to continue to do it well. The beauty in the tradition we’ve inherited is without dispute, and I’m not going to let my boat be rocked. Most of the waves we are feeling right now are based on speculation, and are coming from within our own circles.