Saturday, March 16, 2013

Presenting the Most Gregorian Inaguration in Centuries

Here is the Mass booklet. Irony, given all the talk in the last days: this might be an intensely Gregorian papal inauguration , and it will be sung with extreme competence, thanks to the training and experience of the Benedictine Papacy.

Tu es Petrus - Perosi
Tu es Petrus - Duruflé
Tu es Petrus - Gregorian chant
Tu es Petrus - Mawby
Veni creator - Bartolucci
Veni creator - Palestrina/chant alternatum
Christus vincit - chant
Confirmet hoc Deus - Palombella
Tu es Petrus - Palestrina
Quodcumque ligaveris (Tu es Petrus pt 2) Palestrina
Petre ego pro te rogavi - Guerrero
Corona aurea - Palestrina
Domine pravenisti eum - Palestrina
Qui operatus est - Perosi
Introit Iustus (ut palma)
Kyrie Mass VIII
Gloria Mass VIII chant alternating with Palombella inserts
Psalm - Dominus est petra aeterna - Palombella
Laus tibi Christe - Palombella with verse Domine tu omia scis
Credo III (with Palombella Amen)
Tu es pastor ovium - Palestrina
Quodcumque ligaveris - Palestrina (5vv, not a repeat of above)
Sanctus VIII - chant/Molfino/Palombella
Agnus VIII - appears to be chant only
Commnunion Ioseph
Qui pascis Israel - Palombella (
Ave verum corpus - chant
Salve Regina - chant, simple tone
Te Deum - chant/Victoria alternatim

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