Latin-English Office Hymn Translations: The State of the Question

Here is a catalog of the hymn translations I have made so far from Latin to English, listed with their usage, according to the Liber Hymnarius.

Most are not on the internet, for various reasons. If on occasion you need one or two of these for your parish or other institution, drop me a line (email on sidebar) and I’ll send you the text.

I really enjoy translating these. I feel like the discoverer of pristine cave paintings, and am learning so much about our Catholic culture.

A Solis Ortus Cardine: Christmastide, Lauds
Ad cenam Agni provide: Eastertide, Vespers
Adorna, Sion, thalamum: Presentation, Lauds
Adoro Te Devote
Aeterna caeli Gloria: Lauds Friday
Aeterna Christi munera, Several Martyrs, Lauds
Aeterne rerum Conditor, Sunday Lauds
Aeterne rerum conditor…mare, Guardian Angels, Readings
Agnes beata virginis, St Agnes, Lauds
Anglorum iam Apostolus, St Gregory the Great, Lauds
Antra deserti, Birth of SJB, Readings
Apostolorum passio, Sts Peter and Paul, Lauds
Aptata, virgo lampade, One Virgin, Lauds
Auctor perennis gloriae, Sat, Readings, Day
Aurea luce, Sts Peter and Paul, 1 Vespers
Aurora iam spargit, Lauds, Saturday
Aurora lucis rutilat, Eastertide Lauds
Aurora velut fulgida, Assumption, Readings
Beata Dei genetrix, Birth of BVM, Vespers
Christe pastorum, One Pastor, Readings
Consors paternis luminis, Morning Readings, Tuesday
Custodes hominum, Guardian Angels, Vespers
Deus Creator Omnium, Sunday Vespers
Deus tuorum, One Martyr, Vespers II
Dulci depromat carmine, One Virgin, Readings
Excelsam Pauli Gloriam, Conversion St Paul, Vespers
Gaudium mundi, Assumption, Vespers
Haec est dies, St Teresa of Avila, Vespers
Haec femina, One Holy Woman, Readings
Iesu corona celsior, One Holy Man, Lauds
Iesu, corona virginum, Virgins, Vespers
Iesu, redemptor omnium, One Holy Man, Vespers II
In caelesti collegio, St Francis, Lauds
Inclitus rector, One Pastor, Lauds
Iste Confessor, St Martin of Tours, Vespers
Martyr Dei, One Martyr, Lauds
Nocti succedit lucifer, Sts Joachim + Anne, Lauds
Nunc tempus acceptabile, Lent, Readings
O Gloriosa Domina, BVM, Lauds
Orbis Patrator optime, Guardian Angels, Lauds
Petrus beatus, Chair of Peter, Lauds
Primo dierum omnium, Sunday Readings
Regis superni nuntia, St Teresa of Avila, Lauds
Stabat Mater Dolorosa, OLSorrows
Virginis virgo venerande custos, St John Evangelist, Readings

5 Replies to “Latin-English Office Hymn Translations: The State of the Question”

  1. Hi,

    I'd like to get a translation of "Iesu Redemptor omnium" (Common of a Holy Man) for use in my church (St. Paul, Cambridge MA).
    Two other hymns that I'd like are "Vir celse forma fulgida" (Common of Pastors) and "Praecesor almus gratiae" (Beheading of John the Baptist, August 29). I don't see them on the list above, but if you happen to have, or know of, English translations I'd appreciate hearing about them.

    Thank you very much.

  2. Iesu redemptor omnium

    O thou whose all-redeeming might
    Crowns every chief in faith’s true fight,
    On this commemoration day
    Hear us, good Jesus, while we pray.

    2 This meek Confessor of thy Name
    Today attained a glorious fame;
    Whose yearly feast, in solemn state,
    Thy faithful people celebrate.

    3 The world and all its boasted good,
    As vain and passing, he eschewed;
    And therefore with Angelic bands
    In endless joy forever stands.

    4 Grant then that we, most gracious God,
    May follow in the steps he trod;
    And at his prayer thy servants free
    From stain of all iniquity.

    5 To thee, O Christ, our loving King,
    All glory, praise, and thanks we bring;
    Whom with the Father we adore
    And Holy Ghost for evermore. Amen.

  3. Dear Mme Pluth, I would be very grateful for a translation on Anglorum iam Apostolus which we plan to sing on the 3rd of september upcoming. Thank You very much.

  4. Dear Mme Pluth,

    Could you please send me a translation of Aurea luce, Sts Peter and Paul, 1 Vespers. As a community of monks praying the Divine Office we are looking for a translation of this hymn to replace the Common of the Apostles hymn which we currently use. Thank you.

  5. Dear Ms Pluth
    I would appreciate your translation of Iesu corona celsior. My choir is going to sing it and it would very useful to know the meaning of it.
    Best regards

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