Office Hymn for the Feast of the Day: Christe, Pastorum

The Office hymn Christe, Pastorum is a hymn for the Common of Pastors. It has a flexible structure that allows it to be sung for a Pope, Bishop, or Priest, because there are 3 different versions of verse 2.

Here is, for the Feast of Pope St. Pius V, Christe, Pastorum for a Pope.

Christ, great high prince and leader of the shepherds,
Wishing to laud this holy pastor’s feast day
With sacred music, we acclaim his honor
singing due praises.
As once you gave the care of sheep to Peter,
So that the world might be a holy sheepfold,
So this good shepherd, raised to highest honor,
Pastures your people.
He was a guide and pattern for the sheepfold,
Light for the blind, and solace for the weary,
Good to each person, providential father–
All things to all men
Christ, who in heaven render to the holy
Crowns for their merits, help us then to follow,
That with this teacher, we may be obedient
And rise to heaven.
May equal honor celebrate the Father,
And You, O Savior, loving King forever,
And may the glory of the Holy Spirit,
Sound the world over.