Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Night Is as Clear as the Day

Deus Creator Omnium
Vespers Hymn
St. Ambrose

O God, Creator of all things,
Who rules the firmament as King,
Who clothes the day with gilding light,
And with the grace of sleep, the night,

With welcome rest our limbs restore
To their accustomed work once more.
Relieve our mental weariness,
And free us from our grief and stress.

We hymn you thanks for this done day,
And for the rising night we pray,
That you will hasten to our aid,
To help us fill the vows we made.

To you our deepest hearts resound,
To you our voices’ tuneful sound,
To you arises high above,
From sober minds, our purest love.

And when the darkness is profound,
And day lies in dark’s prison bound,
May faith not know the want of light
But light the very dark of night.

O Christ and Father, we request,
From you and from your Spirit blest,
That You who rule with single might
May care for us throughout the night. Amen.

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