Monday, May 6, 2013

An Item for the Book Budget

This summer a scholarly book is appearing that many readers will not want to miss.

Dr. Lauren Pristas' precise, scholarly studies of the collects of the Roman Missal have already appeared in articles published in theological journals such as Nova et Vetera, Communio, and The Thomist.

Now Dr. Pristas' work is emerging in book form, and it is sure to make a mighty splash in the liturgical sea.

In addition to reflecting on the translation issues that have been part of our Catholic liturgical dialogue for the last decade, it is essential that we begin to dig more deeply. It is time for us to examine the Latin texts of our orations, and to consider the manner in which they were composed or adapted after the Council. This is courageous work, and it must be done with honesty and scholarly care.

As the articles linked above demonstrate, Dr. Pristas is thoroughly knowledgeable about her subject, and precise in her method, and painstakingly careful in her conclusions. Her book deserves to be widely read and studied during this Year of Faith.
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