Shawn has announced already at the New Liturgical Movement blog that the Church Music Association of America will be the new sponsor of the NLM. I’ll be published and editor and Gregory DiPippo will be the managing editor. Others will be involved to expand this wonderful blog into a full-blown liturgical space. NLM will only be adding in the future and not take away any content. Of course everyone will miss Shawn tremendously but we hope to build on what he has created and sustained.

What does this mean for the ChantCafe? Nothing really. We’ll continue on as before. There are enough writers and bloggers and subjects to cover to sustain both sites.

We are very excited for the future!

2 Replies to “CMAA and NLM”

  1. Maybe I'm just confused here, but over at NLM it says that they will be "operating under the sponsorship of the CMAA." What does that mean, exactly? I guess I'm just not sure what the CMAA has to do with the aims of the NLM.

  2. Well, if you know anything about both organizations, it is clear that they have basically the same views on the liturgy and the same liturgical aims. I think it is an ideal "marriage." The only thing that is a little unusual is that the CMAA's specialty is liturgical music. Putting a CMAA blog 'under' the NLM might have seemingly made more sense, but the NLM is a blog run by an individual and the CMAA is an actual organization.

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