Colloquium Registration Extended

Remember this video from the 2008 Colloquium?  It just keeps getting better and better. Although the initial registration deadline for this year’s Colloquium was yesterday (May 15), we’re keeping registration open until June 1 or every last spot is filled. Come one, come all!  Late fee of $50 applies.  Register here. 

2 Replies to “Colloquium Registration Extended”

  1. In addition to excellent chant and polyphony classes, there are many exciting breakout sessions, Dominican chant, Anglican chant, Ward method, conducting and organ classes. Hard to choose… whereelse we can get so much… can't wait!!! Thanks for all your hard work, Arlene.

  2. And you make friends with nice people like Mia!

    It's the most energizing experience and leaves you feeling refreshed and encouraged for the next year.

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