Come to Chant Class Tonight!

Teaching an online class tonight in Gregorian notation.

Gregorian Notation II:  This course builds on the fundamentals learned in Gregorian Notation I. We’ll introduce more neumes, the flat sign, bar lines, and more.  Register here. 

Truly, there is no reason everyone can’t be learning to read the traditional notation.   Big secret:  hardly anyone learned this in school.  So why not an online class brought to you in the comfort of your living room. Or dorm room.  Or houseboat.  Aside from the knowledge you gain, it is a great way to meet new people on a Tuesday night.  You’ll be learning something that will serve you as your serve the Church. And it is fun.

In a shameless bit of self promotion, I’ll share some comments from students: 

  • “Arlene presented an informative and accessible introduction to the potentially daunting subject of Gregorian notation. The riches of Gregorian chant remain elusive to most of us, but Arlene teaches in such a way that anyone can gain the keys to this historical, liturgical treasure. Wonderful class!”

  • “Thank you Prof. Oost-Zinner! I learned a wealth of knowledge about reading Gregorian notations and nooms ;). I am going to get a pitch pipe this week! Thank you again for all of your help and excellent instruction!”