Eucharistic Adoration with Pope Francis

Two events including Eucharistic Adoration are scheduled for this week in the Vatican.

Here is the booklet for the Mass and Procession for Corpus Christi on Thursday evening.

And here is the booklet for Worldwide Eucharistic Adoration on Sunday evening.

This morning in his homily, the Holy Father spoke of Mother Teresa’s prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.

Think of Mother Teresa: what does the spirit of the world say of Mother Teresa? ‘Ah, Blessed Teresa is a beautiful woman, she did a lot of good things for others …’. The spirit of the world never says that the Blessed Teresa spent, every day, many hours, in adoration … Never! It reduces Christian activity to doing social good. As if Christian life was a gloss, a veneer of Christianity. The proclamation of Jesus is not a veneer: the proclamation of Jesus goes straight to the bones, heart, goes deep within and change us. And the spirit of the world does not tolerate it, will not tolerate it, and therefore, there is persecution.  more