Thursday, May 30, 2013

Should the CMAA (and you) help this survey effort?

Everyone has heard about the results of a new survey on the Roman Missal that showed some surprising dissatisfaction with the new translation. My own thought on this: it is a demographic issue. Older priests don't like it but younger priests do.

But I'm just speculating. We don't know for sure. Well, what if we help to do another survey that attempts to break down the results by diocese and age and length of ordination? The CMAA has been asked to help fund this. Our part in this would not a very expensive but I do think I would need a donor of $500 to make this possible.

Such a donation could really be used to good effect. Mainly we will know more than we know now, and it could have strong implications for the future.

If you are interested, could you email me please?
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