The Follies are Back!

I’m not sure how it was in the “old days,” but being into sacred music and chat surely is tons of fun these days. That’s not the point of course. The point is rather serious: singing music at liturgy that has an integral relationship with the text and an organic relationship with the liturgical action.

That said, the task of getting from here to there can be the great fun experience of your life. Choir rehearsals are a wonderful outlet for social energies. Exploring the gigantic repertoire is always an adventure. Sharing “war stories” from parish life can make for strong social bonds. And laughter is always there too. It is a necessary feature simply because the task itself is so serious and monumental.

Well, at the Sacred Music Colloquium we have lots of fun in addition to the educational experience. Some years ago, we codified a night of fun we called the follies. Various acts were put together that were hilarious and wonderful, a time in which we made fun of ourselves and what we were all doing together. Some of us never laughed so hard.

Some of the acts are legendary. Who can forget “Power Chant” (if you were there you know what I mean). 

Then over the years, the Colloquium became so busy that we sort of just let it drop. There were other priorities: another lecture, another rehearsal, another seminar, and so on. This was probably a mistake in retrospect but we had a hard time finding room for the follies.

This year we were determined to change that. We carved out a place in the week and said: this is the night. And so, yes my friends, the follies are back!!! They will take place on Thursday night this year. Group or individual acts are more than welcome. No need to plan just now. You can put it together at the last minute. Sometimes that spontaneity is the best way.

I can’t wait to see you all there, and laugh with you.