Wild for English Propers

Jeffrey Ostrowski has an excellent round up of some English chant propers that are available. The last few years have seen an explosion of choices, and his blogpost actually leaves some out, including the Anglican Use Gradual, Bruce Ford, and Samuel Weber, and Paul Ford’s Flowing Waters. I’ve heard rumors of full collections coming from GIA and OCP too.

I just ran into this nice presentation of what Bruce Ford’s melismatic propers sound like.

3 Replies to “Wild for English Propers”

  1. I think it's important to note not only the variety of settings, but also the manner in which they may be performed. My choir sang the Offertory from the Simple English Propers this past Sunday: organ 'prelude' and intro, women started the chant (unison thereafter) and a split women/men/ SATB on the verses. We rehearsed abou 20 minutes before Mass. A nice way to sing the Mass and make a joyful song to the Lord.

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