Words With Wings – Audio is Out

Well, this is a moment we’ve dreamed about. Finally the audio CD of Words with Wings is out. For those who don’t know, this is a series for teaching chant and music generally to children. It compresses the wisdom of a century into a small program for any parish, school, or home.

An essential component is a CD that has all the music so that the teacher and students can hear good singing, well modeled.

The CMAA put vast effort into this recording. It uses some of the country’s best voices of children from the Cathedral Choir School of the Cathedral of the Madeleine in Salt Lake City. The quality is truly astonishing. I enjoyed just listening to the energy and enthusiasm of the singers even apart from the program itself.

The recording, editing, and  production values are super professional – the best in the industry.

It is an essential complement to the books in the series. Together they make it possible to actually have a children’s choir program — a feature of Catholic life that fell into decline a half century ago and never recovered. This series makes that recovery possible for everyone.

If we are looking for long term change, this is the solution. Nothing else like it exists. If you know someone who is looking for music for kids in a Catholic context, please send them this link. It is an illustration of the kind of work we are doing at the CMAA, trying to find positive paths forward.

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  1. I'm very excited about this as I plan for next year! Is this the same music as used in the musical tracks on the website, but sung by children? Do you have any sample tracks to share??

  2. yes, it is. Sung by the choristers from the Madeleine choir school. Tracks on website will be replaced as soon as we get a chance…

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