Friday, June 21, 2013

Antra deserti: Hymn for the Birth of St. John the Baptist

Antra deserti 
June 24th, Office of Readings

You sought the solitude of caves,
The desert, from an early age.
You fled your kin, and disavowed
The risks of life among the crowd.

Rough clothing made of camel hair
Was all your sacred limbs would wear.
And water, and wild honey sweet,
And locusts were your only meat.

The prophets sang, in mystic sight,
The coming of the future light,
But you their last, could point to Him:
The Lamb who takes away our sin.

Of woman born, through all the earth,
Was never known a holier birth.
You washed with water Him who cleans
The world from all its world of sins.

The citizens of heaven sing
Your praise, O One and Triune King.
And we pray too, that we may live:
Lord, those You have redeemed, forgive.
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