Saturday, June 22, 2013

Coverage of the Sacred Music Colloquium

Most of the coverage of the Sacred Music Colloquium can be found at the New Liturgical Movement. I could repost of course but it makes more sense to just point you to NLM.

Actually, this seems like a good time to make the announcement to this page. The CMAA is now the publisher of the New Liturgical Movement, and I'm the site editor. I'll be dividing my posting time between the Cafe and NLM, but it is not always clear what belongs where.

This blog focusses on music and its details with a liturgical emphasis -- but also covers sacred music more generally. NLM of course has a broader liturgical focus.

Perhaps we will eventually install some feed widgets both directions. And we might be adding some voices here at the Cafe.

In any case, this is an expansion, no question.

(Comment moderation is now in effect for this site.)