Monday, June 17, 2013

Heard at the Colloquium (already!)

To the right you will see a sign that appeared in the lobby of the Little America hotel where most people at the Sacred Music Colloquium are staying in Salt Lake. Sums it up!

Some sense of what is happening:

With regard to the new Pope, there was a great deal of fear initially that has mostly receded in favor of relaxation as regards Rome's attitude toward sacred music and sound liturgy. People are feeling a strong sense of responsibility to carry out the Benedictine approach, following through with actually implementing in our local parishes what the emeritus Pope had worked for.

I heard this morning that Fr. Samuel Weber's English Gradual -- with difficult, moderate, and easy options -- is scheduled to appear from Ignatius Press this Fall. It will be 1,000 pages long. Its market niche is to be a sucessor to the Simple English Propers, essentially the second stage. This all sounds great. Fr. Weber is remarkable as a composer of English chant.

Otherwise, it seems that everyone is gathering from all parts of the world -- old friends and new. Very exciting. 
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