Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Purpose of the Liturgy: The Worship of God and the Sanctification of the Faithful

Today's Colloquium Plenary Address by Archbishop Sample was profoundly encouraging on every level.

The Archbishop linked liturgical renewal with both the new evangelization and with care for the poor. He offered a theological explanation of appropriately vast scope to explain the timelessness on the one Sacrifice of the cross of Jesus Christ, re-presented at every celebration of the Mass. He explained the mystery of the unity of the earthly and heavenly liturgies in a way that made this mystical reality altogether accessible.

Throughout Archbishop Sample's talk, I experienced a sense of relief. I realized that in a remarkable way, possible only in our unusual post-conciliar times, the torch has passed from groups like the CMAA. The job of carrying the banner is in some very real sense no longer ours. This responsibility is now being carried by its rightful stewards, the bishops of the Church.

(Photo: Charles Cole)

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