The Solemn Salve Regina

Rarely does any work of religious art begin to suggest the scale and import of the mysteries of salvation in Christ, but tonight at the Colloquium we were able to experience just such a work.

The centerpiece of Charles Cole’s marvelous organ concert was Oliver Latry’s Salve Regina, in which the organ reflects upon the singing of the solemn tone Salve, phrase by phrase. Through soft calls for mercy, and vast, majestic treatments of the names of Jesus and Mary, the organ seemed to comprehend all of redemption.

A team is working together to post recordings of the music and talks of the Colloquium, and this piece is sure to be a star in that firmament.

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  1. I think, you really are not able to understand the Gregorian Chant music! I am very sorry for you.

  2. I have a dear priest friend who was a former Benedictine chant master, and he told me once that singing this version of the Salve Regina was what he missed most from his time in the monastery. He sang it for us once in our living room and we were totally enchanted.

  3. The schola that sang so beautifully last night, alternating with the organ, was composed of Mary Ann Carr-Wilson, Jennifer Donelson, Angela Manney, and Beth Svendsen.

  4. A couple of years ago I found myself singing Dominican Compline and had to sing the solemn Salve while processing from the choir to the Lady Altar. The Dominican chant for this is similar to the Roman, but differs in several particulars, so I couldn't rely on memory. Negotiating all those steps in the semi-darkness while concentrating on the chant book was by no means easy.

  5. I hope that a recording of this piece will be made available through your website. Had one of your singers, Beth Svendsen, not undertaken the teaching and nurturing of a small but very faithful group of women at our local church back in 2008, we and the congregation would never have been exposed to the beauty and spiritual clarity of Gregorian Chant. Please know that all your congregations are grateful for your efforts.

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