What I look forward to next week

Yes, the grand and great Sacred Music Colloquium starts on Monday, so of course I’m thinking of all the aspects of it I’m looking forward to enjoying.

1. Old friends and new friends. There is just nothing like the camaraderie you experience here. All year most of us are working in the trenches and we are fortunate to have one or two people around us who really “get it.” At this event, there are 200 plus people who do. It is a real and necessary ingathering that gives you the motivation to push onward and with true joy.

2. I’m looking forward to seeing Archbishop Alexander K. Sample of the Portland, Oregon Archdiocese. He is only here for one day but it will be great to see him again. I’m also looking forward to catching up with Monsignor Andrew Wadsworth, along with many faculty members who will be there to teach. It is a happy occasion.

3. This year we are bringing back the follies! We only did this one year in the past. We made room for it this year. It happens on Thursday. Everyone is invited to prepare skits or music or just monologues of 2 to 3 minutes. The goal is fun and laughter — or maybe just being introduced to something new and wonderful that we do not know. I’ve got some ideas, and maybe you do too. Mostly we are leaving it completely open to spontaneous things to happen. The last time we did this — it was many years ago — it was probably the most memorable night of the week. We are going to try again. I’ll talk more about this in the opening dinner but if you are coming, you might start thinking right now.

Off we go! (Oh, we’ll try to post images too throughout the week)

5 Replies to “What I look forward to next week”

  1. You guys gotta hold some events in the NY/NJ area. It's barren here, from a certain POV…(anyone get the reference?)

  2. I'd like one near Buffalo. Our new Bishop Malone is solid and while much of the landscape is barren due to previous lackluster administrations, we do have two Latin Masses and some good scholas and a colloquium might be just the shot in the arm we need.

  3. Regarding the Follies, let me know if I can write a parody song for ya. Or maybe ask Msgr. Wadsworth, for a more subtle, British humour.

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