Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Josquin, I wish I knew how to quit you...

Despite JT's olive branch in his previous post, he has spent most of today pummeling my preference for Byrd above all the other Renaissance composers. I cannot complain- I started the battle.

After spending almost the entire day listening to Josquin, I am forced to admit that, while I will always prefer Byrd, Josquin may be the superior composer.

Of course, that assumes he wrote the things I've been listening to. I understand there's some confusion on this point.

I have decided, for the sake of peace and fraternal love, to stand down, and form a truce.

There's no reason lovers of Byrd (and Tallis!) can't join together with lovers of Josquin or even Victoria to sing God's praises in all times and places, and to declare, in a one united voice, that all those guys are better than Palestrina.

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