Josquin, I wish I knew how to quit you…

Despite JT’s olive branch in his previous post, he has spent most of today pummeling my preference for Byrd above all the other Renaissance composers. I cannot complain- I started the battle.

After spending almost the entire day listening to Josquin, I am forced to admit that, while I will always prefer Byrd, Josquin may be the superior composer.

Of course, that assumes he wrote the things I’ve been listening to. I understand there’s some confusion on this point.

I have decided, for the sake of peace and fraternal love, to stand down, and form a truce.

There’s no reason lovers of Byrd (and Tallis!) can’t join together with lovers of Josquin or even Victoria to sing God’s praises in all times and places, and to declare, in a one united voice, that all those guys are better than Palestrina.

6 Replies to “Josquin, I wish I knew how to quit you…”

  1. Hmmm, stranded on a desert island, only one composer on yer Pandora, and y'all are talking about the Renaissance masters?
    In that case, give me Gesualdo, Ockeghem, Luzzachi, Marenzio or Monteverdi (I know couple dese guys are on the cusp.)
    But your dreams at night will have the B Boys a-haunting you, JSB, Ludwig and Johaness. And then the howl of Wolfie will also echo in the lonely night….

  2. With many sleepness nights on AW's calendar coming up, he'll have time to explore these other composers, I promise you.

  3. All comments being said, the absolute best composers of all time are The Byrds. "Mr. Tamborine Man" "Bells of Rhymney" "Turn Turn Turn" and "Eight Miles High" are the very best songs of all time. Any Rock and Roller knows that.

    C'mon, you guys, get hip!

  4. I think what the press calls the "silly season" has arrived early this year. It's all down to global warming, of course.

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