Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Newsflash: Contemporary P&W songs don't really say much

NPR carries the story of the abysmal quality of many contemporary praise songs, and about one pair of musicians who are trying to do something about it (by writing new contemporary praise songs that are better).

"I think it's to the church's poverty that the average worship song now has so few words, so little truth," he says. "[It] is so focused on several commercial aspects of God, like the fact that he loves our praises."

Kristyn Getty says that some of the most popular music doesn't show God the proper reverence.

"There is an unhelpful, casual sense that comes with some of the more contemporary music," she says. "It's not how I would talk to God."


There are important lessons here for us in both the nature of their complaints and the commercial success they are achieving in attempting to address them.

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