Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What do to when it just doesn't work!

In my years in sacred music, I have had numerous wonderful ideas.  Well, they were wonderful as ideas. Unfortunately, some of them have been awful when put into practice. 

The hardest thing in the world can be to admit that it's just not happening the way you planned.  Whether it's the motet that peters out after eight measures (eight splendid measures, I might add) or my latest plan to bring chant and beauty to the masses (so dull that it attracts only folks who are so loyal they would follow me to a dog fight and even bores me) - it is not easy to move on.

And if you're in that position right now, you have my companionable sympathy. 

But that's what you have to do in order to give the next idea the space it needs.  Throw the manuscript in a folder, stop tweaking the plan, just let it go.  And after a decent period of mourning, take the black crepe ribbon off your sleeve and start fresh, whilst enjoying this splendid version of Agni Partene.

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