Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Whose "Pop Music"?

Watching the closing Mass of World Youth Day, I actually enjoyed the "Brazilian-ness" of it all.  The music, the arms waving, the waves on the beach, and the remarkable silence of 3 million people when they were told to meditate.  (Try that last item in your local parish!)

And I could also imagine the complaints about the music, summarized as "Arggh, more pop music!"  Then it occurred to me that the music (which reminded me strongly of Barry Manilow) wasn't pop music at all to those young people. 

Heck, it's music from before they were born; it's their parents' music.  Popular music has gone way further down the road since the 1980s - think hip-hop, techno-pop, trance music, rap, etc..  And if these 80's stylings are the music you've heard in church all your life, it's not "pop music,"  it's downright traditional church music. 

[Cue "I Write the Songs."]

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