Why I Write Stuff

I was happy to receive this note in response to my piece on the Casino and Cathedral

I give thanks to God for the timing of your article.

Your article, which I just read this morning, “The Casino and the Cathedral: …” could not be more synchronistic! If I were a priest, this would be my homily material for next Sunday.

While I am preparing to return to _____ with my family I am doing a short interim period at a Presbyterian Church as organist. They are in the throes of struggle–they are divided on moving from a “blended” worship (here I pause to gag) to either all contemporary (to look and smell just like the strip-mall churches prevalent here on the West coast), or return to their liturgical heritage.

After reading your article I immediately knew this landed in my hands just in time to help shed the best possible light on the struggle these folks are grappling with. So I wasted no time getting this article in their hands. I am happy , thrilled, and overjoyed to tell you that this is just what they needed to muster their courage to stand up and be a liturgical church, to give them the words they needed to make their stand.

Amazing, isn’t it? What you intended to be a beacon word for our faith tradition as Catholics (and a very powerful one) cannot help but spill over to our Protestant brothers and sisters.

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  1. What a refreshing commentary – not only for its intended content, but because it is so charitable and positive. So many of the comments I see (even in our own Forum) can be so – well – myopic and biting, not only about other Catholics, but about other denominations – dare I say Christians? I do understand the reasons/history behind this phenomenon, but we can't forget the spirit in which the Church was founded. This is a breath of fresh air.

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