Friday, August 23, 2013

An Advent Calendar of Hymn Tune Introits

Parishes that are interested in making a beginning with the Proper texts of the Mass, yet do not yet know where to begin, might be interested in this resource.
I've "translated" each of the daily Entrance Antiphons for the Masses of Advent into Long Meter hymn form, so that they may be sung to many familiar, common hymn tunes. Examples of tunes that would work well are the tunes for Jesus Shall Reign, or I Know that My Redeemer Lives, All People That on Earth Do Dwell, or Advent tunes such as the tune for Creator of the Stars of Night, or even O Come, O Come, Emanuel.
Parishes accustomed to singing an entrance hymn can easily substitute these antiphons for the Entrance hymn, or sing them before or after the Entrance Hymn on a Sunday, without needing special musical notation or rehearsal. Feel free to print off the image below on regular letter-sized paper and keep them in the pews or on a table for daily Mass. Then simply choose a tune that is familiar to the local parish, and begin singing the antiphon in this low-key, easy way.

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